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How headhunters commonly define the term “direct approach”:
It is the systematic identification, approach, appraisal and selection f candidates for a specific position. Candidates do not find out about a new position via job advertisements but are directly contacted by the headhunter.


What we would like to add to the definition of direct approach:


Each client and each candidate is advised by us personally. We do not resort to data bases. Our contacts are all about individuality.


Excerpt from a definition of “Headhunter” on Wikipedia:
The term “personnel consultant” (also called “headhunter” or “executive searcher” in the industry) has become common in the field of executive recruitment and the direct approach of employees who are willing to change jobs.


In order to be a successful recruiter of staff in a labour market without a sufficient number of vacant positions, a personnel agency either needs to specialise or engage in the targeted acquisition of latent staff requirement in companies that may not have reported any vacant positions yet but that may be considering recruitment and are reluctant to get involved. The large number of applications that an employer or a recruiter would receive if a job offer were to be published would often be very difficult to manage in financial terms. The administrative effort involved (frequently viewing as many as 1,000 folders - mostly without return postage) tends to exceed the organisational possibilities of a company. Hence, they commission a headhunter.
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Headhunter The direct approach
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