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Staff search – precise, professional, perfect


Anyone looking for new staff knows about the challenges involved in recruitment. It is essential to find the ‘right’ candidate: his training, experience, education, basic attitudes and social skills must fit the bill.


In particular if positions for specialists and executives need to be filled, the professional and personal requirements to be met by the candidate are complex.


The search for and the selection of suitable candidates is very labour-intensive for the people involved. Wrong decisions and a new search must be avoided.


Headhunting i.e. the classical internal link opens in same window direct approach is a well-proven method that helps to successfully master these challenges.


As part of the headhunting process, R-K-P takes on the following tasks on your behalf



We attend to your brief with care and attention. We have made the deliberate decision to do without data bases, the use of media and external service providers. The experts that make up the team of R-K-P Headhunting master their tools and perform the individual steps themselves.


We are ‘at home’ in different industries and fill positions in commercial and technical fields, in Germany and abroad. Our clients include many medium-sized enterprises but also large corporations.


Headhunting – The direct approach Experience the efficiency of R-K-P headhunting for yourself when looking for staff!