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Looking ahead – interim management tackles tasks promptly


Interim managers are people who take on management and/or project responsibilities on a temporary basis. They are self-employed entrepreneurs who need to convince their customers with their professional competence and personality. Interim managers are responsible for results.


Interim managers are used for crisis management, to bridge staff shortages, to restructure companies and to take on project responsibility if the company’s own capacities are inadequate. This applies in particular to special issues such as CRM, operational sales support, software introductions or special tasks.


An interim manager must have the ability to quickly and accurately analyse the state of a company, set priorities, motivate employees and generate a willingness to embrace change. He needs to overcome resistance and put in place the necessary changes. Therefore, an interim manager needs to be able to cope well with stress and have good social and communication skills.


Our ongoing activities as personnel consultants enable us to maintain an up-to-date, database-supported network of executive personalities and experts who, as interim managers, have successfully taken on leadership tasks or project business. Therefore we are in a good position to attend to medium-sized companies that have very specific requirements when it comes to market, product or professional competencies.


Using a step-by-step approach, the experts of R-K-P will assist you with all your questions concerning interim management.